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Cutain wall

- The glass wall system is the optimal choice for cladding works of modern high-rise building due to their numerous advantages: Extending the maximum space, environmental friendly, sustainable structures, expand the use of floor area, light of loads, modern, varied architecture, can be combined using a variety of materials such as safety glass, doubel glazing unit, Low E glass, silk printed glass, fire resistant glass , aluminum composit panel, fire resistant aluminium composite panel. 
- The glass wall system can be designed without cappings, hiden, semi-hiden with cappings. There are options of systems: Stick, semi-Unitized and Unitized 
- HGA have consulted, designed, supplied, manufactured, and installed the glass wall for many high-rise buildings in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, and many other provinces all over Vietnam, such as non-capping glass wall system for EDEN HCMC, Vincom Long Bien Trade Center, glass wall systems with spiders for the elevator Vincom 191 Ba Trieu, Hanoi Long Bien shopping center, Vinpearl 5 star hotel in Nha Trang, hidden capping glass wall systems for HCM City National University, for the General Library Building at No. 1 Lieu Giai Str, for TTC Tower, Duy Tan Street, capping glass wall system for Sentinel Place, 41 Ly Thai To Street - Hanoi ... 
- With over 15 years of experiences working in the field of glass and aluminum, we believe we are capable and experienced in consulting, designing, supplying, manufacturing and executing the glass wall system for high-rise buildings with varied levels of quality:  standard , hi-end and perfect with very competitive price.




- Imported tempered glass with maximum thickness of 19mm, maximum sizes up to 8000mm. 
- Reflective Tempered  glass thickness from 4mm to 10mm, maximum size up to 3660mm, Pilkington Low E glass thickness from 4mm to 8mm, the maximum size of 3300mm. 
- Clear, refletive, low E laminaed glass thickness up to 45mm thick, double glazing glass thickness up to 28mm, maximum size up to 6000mm . 
- Aluminum profiles 6063-T5, Anordize finishing, powder coating, PVDF coating or wood grain finish


- Imported silk Tempered glass from 4mm to 19mm thickness, maximum size to 4500mm. 
- Normal aluminium composit panel and fire resistant aluminium composit panel. 
- EPDM gasket seals to ensure tightness for doors and windows. 
- Imported structural waterproof Silicon Dowcorning ...


Glass wall with spider






Glass wall with cappings






Sentinel Place



Glass wall with cappings structure is mounted between glass and load bearing aluminum bars in both directions, vertically and horizontally. semi-Glass wall with cappings comes with either hotizontal or vertical bar. This structure has the advantage of providing a solid and reliable outside appearance. As there is a wide range of aluminium surface finishes, customers are freely to choose different aluminum cladding colors, so creating the required or desired look for the building. 


Hiden Stick glass system






General Liberary



Hiden Stick system allows to have aluminum bars, glass and some other details produced and processed in the factory, all assembling work, erection and finishing is done in the site. Thi system can be used for all types of external surfaces of buildings, especially suitable for the  buildings that have compicated architecture or with multiple joints.


Hiden Modun glass system


- Hiden Modun glass system is curtain wall systems manufactured, processed and completed into modules in the factory, then they are transported to site for installation. Unitized curtain wall systems are best employed for buildings with uniform surfaces, including many panels of the same type and same storey height.





Glass wall
Cutain wall
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